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Providing great shirts to Habitat Affiliates for over 20 years.


“Their products are top notch and they make me look like a star when I come in on time and on budget with merchandise. Right now I think I have them working on 5 or 6 different items for us, a few will be going to our largest donors and all have a tight deadline. I have no worries because I know AMP will get it right..”
- Jennifer Pash, Habitat for Humanity of Coller County

Why use AMP for your Habitat Tees?

We have GREAT DESIGNS! Click to Learn More

We test drive our designs, and only offer them to the site after they have been deemed popular by a lot of Habitat people.

This is why we have had some of the most well received shirts in the Habitat world for over twenty years.

We listen to what the people want!

We offer a lot more than your local screenprinter can usually do. Click to Learn More

One of the reasons that Habitat affiliates enjoy working with us is that we take great care to guide them through the process.

So often we hear from affiliates “we bought too many, we bought the wrong sizes, they didn't get the design right, they were not printed well, we still have two boxes of them in the basement...” etc.

The AMP program allows you to: Click to Learn More

  1. Buy smaller quantities
  2. Get great designs
  3. Carry more than one design
  4. Reorder refills in sizes quickly and easily
  5. 1. Personalize the shirts for your affiliate
  6. Seelproof your shirt before you have a whole box of them

We'll help you get the whole t-shirt thing RIGHT! Click to Learn More

We have been helping affiliates for years.

We know a great deal about how Habitat and t-shirts work. Wheather working with a corporate sponsor, outfitting a volunteer event, or using shirts for resale, we can offer our years of experience to help the shirt project work really well.

You don't have to spend too much to get just what you want. Click to Learn More

Start slow, make sure all aspects of your program are working before you make a big financial commitment.

This 20 year old program works! We keep hearing from different Habitat affiliates, they wait to do shirts but it often works out poorly.

We're here so those problems go away!


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